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"Products are great and shipping was fast. Thanks so much!"
-- Stephanie
"I recieved my UV sterilizer in a few days and now my green water problem is solved. My aquarium is looking great! Thank you!"
-- Charlie

Filter Pads and Media

Filter Pads and Media

We offer quality JEBO replacement pads and media including filter pads, honeycomb ceramic, activated carbon, bio-balls, and filter cartridges.

501 Filter Pads 501 Filter Pads - 12 pieces      buy supply
503 Filter Pads 503 Filter Pads - 8 pieces      buy supply
505 Filter Pads 505 Filter Pads - 6 pieces      buy supply
508 Filter Pads 508 Filter Pads - 6 pieces white pads      buy supply
Canister Filter Pads Canister Filter Pads - 4 white filter pads for JEBO Canisters.      buy supply
Bio Ball Bio Ball - 35 mm (1.3 in) 100 count    
Bio Ball Bio Ball - 42 mm (1.65 in) 100 count      buy supply
Honeycomb Ceramic Media Honeycomb Ceramic Media - 1000G (35 oz)      buy supply
Canister Activated Carbon Canister Activated Carbon - 2 bags      buy supply
R331 Filter Cartridge R331 Filter Cartridge - R331 filter pads, 6 pieces      buy supply
R338 Filter Cartridge R338 Filter Cartridge - R338 filter pads, 6 pieces      buy supply
R362 Filter Cartridge R362 Filter Cartridge - R362 filter pads, 6 pieces      buy supply

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