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JEBO Quadplex Spraying Protein Skimmer

JEBO Quadplex Spraying Protein Skimmer


This efficient protein skimmer takes advantage of whirlpool, trinal flows, and high pressure to produce numerous micro-bubbles. The surface tension of the micro bubbles powerfully lift and absorb protein, minerals, cellulose and other organic particles in sea water. As a result, the skimmed water is purified with added oxygen. This new and improved protein skimmer is four times more efficient than the regular protein skimmer. The ozone generator can be operated at the same time.

Protein Skimmer Feature:

  • 2003 Submersible force pump included!
  • Apply oxygen spray, whirpool, trinal-layer flow control and pressure methods to separate organic aritcles thoroughly
  • Bilateral and flexible bracket providing cupula and screws fixing options, suitable for different kind of aquariums.
  • Two-curved foam outlet releasing foam faster
  • It can be used together with dripping sink outside the aquarium
  • This product can be cooperated with ozone generator.
  • Deliberate design,beautiful appearance and practical performance.
  • In-sump only
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