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"Products are great and shipping was fast. Thanks so much!"
-- Stephanie
"I recieved my UV sterilizer in a few days and now my green water problem is solved. My aquarium is looking great! Thank you!"
-- Charlie

Hangon Bio Filters

Hangon Bio Filters

Waterfall style aquarium filter agitates the surface while creating beneficial currents throughout the entire volume of the aquarium. The Surface agitation brings more water molecules to the surface and in physical contact with the atmosphere, enabling them to release carbon dioxide and replenish oxygen more efficiently.

The JEBO aquarium power filters are designed to fully exploit the benefits of removing aquarium waste both mechanically and biologically, producing debris free, clear water.

JEBO Hangon Bio Filters comes in different sizes. Choose from 3 to 60 gallon capacity filters. If you have a larger fish tank, you should consider purchasing a Canister Filter.

Aquarium Bio Filter 501 Aquarium Bio Filter 501 - Super Small Filter for up to 3 gallon tank      buy supply
Aquarium Bio Filter 502 Aquarium Bio Filter 502 - up to 7 gallons      buy supply
Aquarium Bio Filter 503 Aquarium Bio Filter 503 - up to 10 gallons tank      buy supply
Aquarium Bio Filter 505 Aquarium Bio Filter 505 - Up to 30 gallons tank      buy supply
Aquarium Bio Filter 508 Aquarium Bio Filter 508 - up to 60 gallons tank      buy supply

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